Stunning lace vases Gordon Pembridge

Gordon Pembridge is a born artist. A painter, photographer, woodcarver, sculptor and engraver, his talents are many and varied, and everything seems to be given to him easily. Gordon was born in Kenya and spent the first ten years there. The fascination with the wild landscapes of this country became the inspiration for the creation of his works.

For most of his life, Gordon Pembridge lives in New Zealand.

For his carved bowls, Gordon uses cypress wood, which fell and lay for a long time in the swamps. First, he grinds a bowl, a few millimeters thick, on a lathe, and then, using engraving, cuts out the finest details of stunning natural landscapes and wild animals.

The last stages of processing are airbrush painting and lacquering.

Currently, Gordon Pembridge is a recognized master, he works for himself, he himself determines the prices of his art and therefore can devote more time to the finest working out of his products.