Stylish Arabian Princess Life

Not all Muslim women wear paranzhu. Especially Arab princess, which is recognized as an icon of style!

Deena Abdulaziz (Dina Abdulaziz) - Arabian princess, socialite, fashionista, owner of the D'NA boutique in Riyadh (Saudi Arabia). This boutique is closed and you can get into it only by invitation of the princess herself. Here, look at the devil!

Collections for the boutique Deena carefully selects itself, adhering to the traditions adopted in the Muslim world. For example, the designer Diane Von Furstenberg dresses were specially modified - instead of the usual knee length, they were all on the floor.

Deena is a frequenter of fashion events: shows, presentations and the opening of new boutiques. Princess is friends with renowned designers Azzedine AlaÏa, Carolina Herrera.

The master of the shoe industry himself Christian Louboutin named a pair of shoes in her honor.

Paparazzi and photographers love Deena for her style and constant change of images.

Almost every image of the princess is complemented by ornaments. Dina loves to combine incongruous bracelets and arm candy rings. Among the favorite accessories you can often see original clutch-books from Charlotte Olympia.

What especially surprised? In a Western way, the bold image of an eastern princess. Short haircut, short dresses, extravagant images, underlined slimness.

It is here, Europeans - thinness is considered attractive. In the Muslim world, especially the Arabic - fullness is a sign of a woman’s health, her well-being and prosperity.

Those of you who have been in exotic Arab countries will confirm that women are large there, with such feminine juicy forms. Yes, and short haircuts are not accepted.

Hair is the pride of an oriental woman, her beauty, though hidden from prying eyes. Deena lived in New York for several years. Apparently from there, from the West, this is her courage and freedom in self-expression.

There are in the Deena collection and more traditional images for the East

Princess Deena is married to a Saudi prince, they have three children.

Deena at home

Well, for sweets, a few more images.

Summarizing all the above, it’s worth saying that the princesses are there, beyond the seas-oceans. They do not go to work on the metro at rush hour, they do not run, breaking the studs, after the children in kindergarten, in time to pick up the child before closing, they do not cut out money from the salary for a new handbag ...

For most of us, their way of life and a stunning dressing room with a bunch of luxury clothes for any mood and occasion is not available. But this does not mean that we cannot learn style, good taste, good combinations!