How to clean wallpaper from stains: 6 incredibly simple ways

On the wallpaper with time can appear difficult to remove stains. However, re-glue the room because of this is not worth it. After all, the situation can be corrected using rather simple methods.

1. Pollution that appeared on the washable wallpaper, can be eliminated with ordinary warm water with the addition of a few drops of dishwashing detergent. In this mixture, wet the sponge and wipe the stains, then remove the soapy water with a sponge dipped in clean water, and wipe the wallpaper with a dry cloth.

2. Stains from crayons and paints from the wallpaper can be removed with an iron. Cover a dirty place with a towel and warm it with a hot iron. To completely remove colorful stains from the walls, this procedure should be repeated several times.

3. Grease stains are harvested with starch. It is only necessary to mix a little starch with water, apply the resulting gruel to the place of pollution, wait until the composition dries, and carefully remove it with a soft brush.

4. Traces of pens and felt-tip pens to help remove white toothpaste. It is only necessary to clean the places of contamination with a brush with a small amount of paste, and then remove the remnants of the cleaning agent with a clean cloth.

5. Fresh traces of fat can be effectively removed if the stains are processed with the crumb of white bread. New crumbs need to be sculpted several times until the fat is completely absorbed into the bread.

6. Dirt that appears around the switch is effectively removed using a regular eraser.