Put the meat on a banana peel and bake in the oven. Receptions that inspire the creation of culinary masterpieces

Every housewife sometimes wants to create real magic in the kitchen. We present you a selection of tricks that will inspire you to create magical culinary masterpieces! Using these small, but very effective techniques in the kitchen, you will save time and effort on cooking, and at the same time amaze guests and home.

1. Add to curd mass 1 tbsp. a spoonful of vegetable oil, so cheesecakes get lush.

2. To borscht pleased you with a rich color, add grated beets for a couple of minutes until done.

3. Yellowed fat can be minced and used as a dressing with garlic.

4. Take a pair of pasta tubes, stick them into the cake, and the liquid filling will not flow out.

5. Dip a lemon in hot water, and when squeezing you will have 2 times more juice.

6. Add 1 tbsp of dried mustard to the pickle and the cucumbers will be stored even longer.

7. Store spices in a dark place in containers made of glass, porcelain and ceramics.

8. Send the meat to the oven directly on the banana peel, so it will not burn and lure all household members with its flavor.

9. Sprigs of cherries can be used as seasoning for meat.

10. Do not drain water when washing greens, and dirt will remain in the water.

11. Add in 1 min. Spoonful of sugar, and the meatballs will be incredibly juicy.

Enjoy your meal!