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Wash every day: cleaning and cleaning these things can not be postponed

It is no secret that in the modern world sometimes there is not enough time every day to do the cleaning of the whole house. But there are some things that still need to be cleaned or washed quite often, and preferably daily. Here is a list of items, the cleaning of which just should not be postponed.

Makeup brushes

Brushes and sponges with makeup residues become nurseries for the reproduction of bacteria. Be sure to wash them immediately after using soapy water or wipe with micellar water.

Coffee maker or coffee machine

Humidity, residual oil from coffee and high temperatures create favorable conditions for the development of harmful bacteria. Be sure to disassemble parts in contact with coffee, and thoroughly rinse them every time after using the device.

Dishes that are filled with water

If you decide to make your work a little easier and leave the dirty dishes to soak, do not do it for too long.

Foam scouring sponges

There are always a lot of bacteria on them. At the end of the day, pour boiling water over the sponge or put it in the microwave for a few minutes. So your dishes will be much cleaner. However, even with this treatment, you should change the sponge at least once every two weeks.

Wipe all keys permanently.

They fall outside and contain many bacteria on their surface.

Kitchen towels

Forget about using one all week! Change them at least once a couple of days, and better daily. This is especially true for a large family.

Bathroom walls

It is better to wipe the tile every day than to wash the ingrained limescale and remove mold that appears from the increased humidity.

Sink in the bathroom and sink in the kitchen

Do not allow bacteria to multiply in these places. In addition, dirty splashes and soapy water are easier to clean immediately.

Cutting boards

Most of the boards are scratched, and bacteria grow easily in them. First, cut the meat, fish, vegetables and bread on different boards. Secondly, periodically wipe the boards with vinegar, soda, or heat them in the microwave. After washing the board, wipe it dry with a napkin or a clean towel.