"Butterscotch", which is not sticky to the teeth, all of the 3 ingredients

Who remembers this taste from childhood - creamy toffee, which, despite its sweetness, for some reason did not bother? It was very sweet, but at the same time very tasty ... And also toffee is sometimes associated with candies that unpleasantly stick to the teeth. To avoid this, we suggest you try making your own candy with just 3 simple ingredients. They are prepared very, very simply, their taste is not cloying, but gentle, creamy, caramel - just as needed. The naturalness of self-made toffee can be no doubt and boldly given to their children, in place of store sweets with a huge composition.

For creamy butterscotch that do not stick to your teeth, prepare the following ingredients:

  • sugar 200 gr;
  • sour cream 200 gr (any fat content);
  • drain oil 50 gr.

You will also need a dipper and a silicone ice cap. The proportions may decrease or increase, depending on how many toffee pieces you plan to cook. From the specified amount you get a filled silicone mold. Start cooking:

1. Mix sugar and sour cream, put on fire. Bring to a boil, make the smallest fire and, stirring, boil until thick and dark (caramelize) the mixture (20-25 min).

2. At the end, stir in the butter. Without letting the mixture cool, cook a silicone mold and pour in the mixture. Candy from Silicone is well off, but just in case you can grease the shape of the plums. oil Allow the sweets to cool for half an hour at room temperature, then transfer the form to the refrigerator for an hour.

3. Remove the completely cooled candy and treat yourself and your loved ones! At room temperature, the toffee on the sour cream begins to melt, so it’s best to keep them in the fridge. But, as practice shows, this is not necessary - such delicate creamy toffee fly away in a couple of minutes!