We save. 10 products that you can not buy in the store

Want to learn how to save on products? The first step is to refuse to buy ready-made semi-finished products, the second is not to spend money on those products that you can easily prepare at home. Dumplings, salted red fish, cottage cheese, mayonnaise and even chocolates - this is not a complete list of what does not necessarily buy in the store.

How to make cottage cheese from milk?

700-900 g of excellent fresh cottage cheese is obtained from three liters of milk. Buy whole whole milk, even better - in a soft plastic bag, not in a bottle. When, according to our recipe, you get an excellent home-made cottage cheese, be sure to compare the cost of the spent milk and packs of ready-made shop cottage cheese. And feel the difference!

Natural Homemade Yogurt

Well, if in your kitchen arsenal there is a yoghurt maker or a slow cooker with a set of jars for making yogurt. But even if these useful gadgets are not yet available on the farm, homemade yogurt can be cooked in cups or clay pots in an ordinary oven. With additives in the form of cocoa, fruit jam or jam, you can experiment endlessly. The main thing to choose as a starter good natural yogurt - you need only 1 jar per liter of milk.

Homemade Chocolates

Making chocolates at home is not at all difficult. We offer you a recipe for delicious dark chocolate homemade truffles. Having tried once, you will not be able to stop and will cook these delicious candies again and again.

Baked Baked Pork

Of course, in any meat department you can buy both ham and brisket and boiled pork and other meat delicacies. It is tasty, but very expensive compared to fresh meat. Meanwhile, the preparation of a large piece of pork neck with garlic, carrots and spices will take you 1.5-2 hours. Home baked ham does not contain any additives intended to extend the shelf life. It can be eaten warm and chilled, used for sandwiches and meat salads.

Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies

To bake delicious oatmeal cookies for the whole family it will take you no more than an hour. Compare its taste with the taste of ordinary cookies from the store and you will realize that you spent this time is not in vain!

Homemade Mayonnaise

He should always be in the fridge. The most popular salad sauce - you will be surprised - is prepared no longer than 5 minutes and it turns out to be much thicker, dense, tasty and natural than the shop. The main thing to buy for homemade mayonnaise is fresh eggs. Everything else is a blender!

Salted red fish

Salting red salmon fish is super beneficial! The only thing you have to tinker with is cutting fresh fish. Fish should be cut into fillets carefully, removing as much bone as possible. But the most delicious salted fish will be ready in a day. In Scandinavia, this delicacy is called "Gravlks." Sometimes when salted, chopped dill, grated lemon zest, freshly ground black pepper, bay leaf are added to the fish. Sometimes a glass of strong alcohol is poured into the tray - for a more savory taste of fish.

Chicken liver pate

Yes, you will find on sale both rabbit pate and beef, duck or pork pate. But if you have never cooked this dish at home, it is best to start with chicken liver pate. It always turns out perfectly and is prepared no longer than 30 minutes.

Sauerkraut and Pickled Cabbage

Winter is a traditional season for pickled and pickled cabbage. Crisp cabbage replaces us with many other vegetables that are either too expensive in the winter or not very tasty. Preparing sauerkraut at home, and you will significantly save on its purchase in finished form. And pickled cabbage in Georgian generally cooks elementary simply and stands in the refrigerator for a very long time.

Homemade Dumplings

Yes, we confess immediately: the molding of ravioli is not a quick matter. But if you attract an assistant, you can prepare and freeze a solid stock of homemade ravioli with meat, which significantly save the family budget. In addition, having started home production, you will always be confident in the quality of the meat that you use. After all, most often shop dumplings fail precisely with this - inside the dumplings are a clever and tasteless filling.