Not enough comfort in the house: design your interior with pillows

Your living room lacks sophistication, the bedroom - softness, and the child - brightness? Do not rush to run to the hardware store for expensive wallpaper and finishing materials. It is also not necessary to look for original statues and numerous accessories. Try to update the interior of your home with decorative pillows. We offer you a selection of interesting solutions from designers from around the world.

Replacing furniture

Such bright big pillows can be an excellent alternative to chairs and ottomans, and if you need more space - they are easily removed in the closet.

New paint in the bedroom

Add to the two standard pillows on the bed a lot of others that are more saturated in color. This will help make the room more comfortable.

Window sill decoration

With such colorful accents, the rest at the window will reach a new level.

Stylish and comfortable

Comfort your hard or uncomfortable chairs will add a soft pad in size. And it looks great.

Instead of a coffee table

If you have nowhere to put magazines and books or put a tray with drinks and treats, adjust for this larger, stiffer pillow.

Filling the shelves

Do not like to be like everyone else and place frames with photos or statues everywhere? Unusual and extravagant on the shelves will look pillows.

Designer Corner

A small installation to fill the space.

Custom shapes

It is not necessary to draw attention with color solutions, sometimes it is enough to resort to the use of interesting forms, resembling, for example, silhouettes of animals.

Decorative headboard

Such a familiar product for the bedroom as a pillow can start playing in a new way, if you hang it instead of the headboard.

Color saturation

If you prefer monochromatic solutions when decorating rooms, but do not want it to look boring, pick up several pillows that are close in color and will be in harmony with the main tone. The interior will immediately become more profound.

We decorate the chair

A few bright accents - and the chair looks completely different.

Decor for special events and holidays

Agree, these pillows look very harmonious and elegant as a festive decoration of the interior.