When books have long been read: 20 ideas for using unnecessary books and newspapers

Old books, newspapers, magazines are easy to give a second life. The main thing is to show a little imagination and get creative. Of unnecessary publications, collecting dust on shelves for years, it is easy to make original gadgets that will become decorative elements or stylish designer decorations that definitely deserve attention.

Original bouquets of old books

A bouquet of roses made from old book pages looks unusual and stylish. There is a place for such original colors at stylized events. Such a bouquet can be a worthy addition to the congratulations on the paper wedding.

For work you will need:

  • glue or stapler;
  • scissors;
  • wire to hold the flower and create stems.

After the manufacture of roses in sufficient quantity, it remains only to bond them together, gathering into a single whole.

The idea is also good for a wedding in retro style.

Voluminous butterflies from book pages

Original volumetric moths will perfectly fit into the interior. If desired, they are easy to attach to curtains or the wall or to make it float in the air, hanging it from the ceiling with a thread or fishing line. There is a place for a butterfly and in a flower pot.

Gift bags from newspapers

Convenient gift bags from newspapers or musical notebooks will give a special charm and bring nostalgic notes to the atmosphere. They can be used not only in the family circle, but also for presenting sweets at events organized in vintage style.

Unusual paper mural 

Special charm will give the room placed on the wall panels from the old book pages. Decor options are different. It is easy to fix the invented composition to a decorative rosette, which can become part of a well-designed design.

Original gift wrapping in vintage style

You can add gift wrapping with flowers from book pages. Such a gift decoration is ideal for antiques or events in retro style.

And again about paper flowers

Pages of old books are a worthy alternative to ribbons and bows and look original and original. An additional stylish element of the decoration will be the gilding or color framing of the petals. Not superfluous roses will appear at registration of a photo zone, invitation or landing cards. If you wish, you can create original lettering from flowers with letters to decorate walls during events.

Bouquet compositions

A homemade bouquet of a music notebook will fit perfectly into the room of a music lover. Very effectively it will be combined with a piano, hanging on the wall with a guitar and other musical instruments.

A transparent vase with an unusual filling in the form of scrolls will fit very effectively into an interior designed in retro or rustic style.

Bulk letters from old paper

The original three-dimensional letters, made of book pages twisted on the papyrus principle, will become an impeccable element of wedding decor. You can put out the paper capital letters of the names of the newlyweds or the whole inscription. You can add a composition with colors, balls or flags. Perfectly such a decoration will look during various thematic events.

The birth of a star from the pages of old books

Diverse decorative stars look very original. Huge panels made in the form of single stars or wreaths of hundreds of small stars will be a worthy element of the decor. Usage options are different.

Vintage napkins from book pages

Self-sufficiently look on the table napkins from the book pages glued together, supplemented with carved ornaments.

Christmas theme

A bright impression for the children will be the hand-made production of the Christmas tree from pieces of newspaper or book pages of different sizes.

You can make an elegant Christmas tree with a folded leaf cone. A spectacular addition to the paper beauty will be stars from foil and old cake molds.

Book pages instead of photo paper

Artificially aged photos, placed in a frame, look stylish and unusual. Create a "rarity" is easy. It is enough to print a black and white picture on the pages of old books.

Original paintings with elements from newspaper pages.

An unusual and stylish look appliqué made of improvised material of various textures. The girl's hair is made from an old book page.

The original picture, complemented by tiny hearts, is itself the page of an old book. A modern work of art looks stylish and nontrivial. The picture is suitable for home decoration or gift.

Flower motifs in handicrafts

A beautiful floral accent will be the original pendants of old paper. Collected from paper circles decorations are supplemented with hearts from acorns. Effectively they will look in the festive design.

Autumn motives

The original addition of the autumn garland will be elements cut from book pages. You can use the idea when creating autumn bouquets.

Original book flower

Unusual decorative flower will be an original decoration of your home library. You can place it on one of the shelves or directly on the books.


Wine bottles, supplemented by application from book pages, look very impressive. For decoupage, you can pick up diverse images that fully correspond to the style of the event. To prolong the life of the decorated bottle, it is better to varnish the application.