For the House and Cottages

These flower arrangements are much more than just flower beds, they are great!

The flowers themselves are very beautiful. But even more impressive they look in combination with those items that you absolutely do not expect to meet in the garden. And here are a few examples of the original design of flower beds that will turn your garden into a fabulous place.

Fill the old boat with flowers

If your site is located near the river, get the old, battered life boat is not so difficult. And maybe she no longer shines long voyages, for a beautiful flower bed it is what you need.

Bouquet in a cage

Such designs are often used to create compositions of artificial flowers. But in the garden you can fill it alive. Perennial plants can also be planted this way, hiding in a house in the cold season.

Panel of old hats

If your hat is out of order or out of fashion, do not rush to throw it away. Organize pots dedicated to all family members.

Blooming flowers

A flower bed of small flowers, as if spilling from a container is simple in design, and very beautiful.

Use old furniture

Cottage often becomes a place of reference for old furniture. The piece can be adapted in the garden as a flower bed decoration.

Old bike

If the vehicle is cheaper to throw away than repair it, turn it into a picturesque flowerbed. It is better to paint the frame, and possibly the wheels, before installing the boxes with flowers.

Old plumbing like flower pots

Plant flowers in an old car wash or bath. Even cracked plumbing will do. Such a bed will be noticed from afar.

Stump or sawed tree

Instead of wasting energy on uprooting the stump, turn it into a decoration item.

Multi-colored tires

Such addition of flowerbeds has already become a kind of classic. But do not place the decor next to the beds - there are a lot of harmful substances in tires that can pollute the soil. It is best to place similar decor on the wasteland.

Rubber boots

Fill old boots with soil and paint in bright colors. You have original pots for plants. You can use boots with holes and lost a pair.