The smalt or mosaic tile elegantly complements the design of any kitchen

Tile in the form of smalt or mosaic very elegantly complements the design of any kitchen. Today it is not necessary to lay out every small piece on the wall. Therefore, you can not turn to the masters, and lay out the wall in the kitchen on their own. Make sure you have everything you need.

The project will need the following materials:

  • tile in the form of smalt;
  • specialized glue;
  • plastic retainers;
  • fugue the color of the tile;
  • primer;
  • level;
  • roulette;
  • putty knife;
  • sponge

First prepare the surface for work. Tile should be laid on a flat surface. Measure the wall with a level to make sure that there are no drops on it. Update plaster if necessary. After the wall is smooth, cover it with a primer. Calculate the required number of tiles. Thanks to the small divisions, working with a mosaic is very convenient - it is easy to cut and does not break in different directions.

Dissolve tile adhesive according to package instructions. Part of the composition, apply directly to the wall. Then smear each tile with glue and place it on the surface, separating it with special clamps. Gently press the tiles together. Until the glue has dried completely, it will not be difficult. Fit all the tiles, leave the apron to dry. Be sure to remove any glue residue.

Choosing the color of the fugue, be guided by the one that already exists on the tile itself between the small divisions. Fugu is applied a day after the glue has dried. First, the first layer. It is applied with a spatula and left for 30 minutes. After that, the remnants of the fugue are removed from the tile. After 8 hours, the seams are treated with a special fixer.

After 12 hours, you can make other finishing work, drill holes for sockets, glue fasteners for kitchen accessories. The apron from a mosaic will make any kitchen more elegant and cozier.