8 unusual ways to use old knife stands

It was hard to even imagine what an unusual application for the old wooden knife racks could be found by economical and creative hostesses.

Here are 8 interesting ideas of old blocks for knives, which have found a new life.

Stationery Stand

A knife holder repainted in an elegant fresh color will serve perfectly as a holder for stationery.

Wax Chalk Stand

With such an elegant stand, children will learn to keep their wax crayons in order! The video shows a small master class on making the stand.

Bouquet of artificial flowers in a wooden block

Several flowers placed in the slots for knives, form the original decorative composition.

Tablet stand

By sticking a small plank to a wooden block for knives, you can use it as a stable stand for a tablet in the kitchen.

Organization of coils and reels

By inserting suitable-sized wooden sticks into the slits for the knives, you can place spools of thread on them.

Stand for chisels and screwdrivers

Place to store brushes

Using a drill, drill holes and expand the slits in the wooden block, it is convenient to place the brushes for makeup and drawing in them.

Fresh look of old knife stands

Instead of throwing out an old stand, you can simply cover it with a layer of shiny stainless steel paint with the addition of an interesting lettering or pattern.