Technique invisible seam on knitted products

Some people do not like seams so much that they are ready to knit only those parts that are whole pieces. In this case, the choice of styles is very limited. It is better to deal with seams once and take up absolutely any projects, than to be afraid of them and only knit sweaters with raglan sleeves.

This method of connection not only looks great on the product, but also calms the nerves, and is an excellent completion of a large knitting project. A joint of this type is a combination of a mattress stitch and a whole weave stitch. The seam looks neat and almost imperceptible. You can thus combine the largest parts.

You will need a tapestry needle and yarn from which a sweater is knitted. When knitting, you can immediately leave a piece of thread of the desired length, after finishing knitting and closing the product. Put the two parts together together. Using the tapestry needle, connect the first and last stitches together on different parts, as shown in the video. As a result, your seam will look like a series of ordinary facial loops.

Now any sweater will look even neater than the one that is sewn on a knitting machine. From the seamy side, the seam looks no worse than from the front.