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Great way to avoid chaos in the closet.

Socks can be stored in different ways. One option is to put one in the other. Then the shelf will be a few textile "garbage bags" that do not look particularly aesthetically pleasing. The second is to put two socks together, vainly hoping that one of them will not be lost. It was from these options you chose, before you learn about the third, incredibly convenient way. If you fold the socks in the manner described below, they will always be together. And the shelf will be in order.

So look socks, which are not trying to somehow organize. This chaos! Most likely, at the right time you will not be able to find the necessary pair. One will simply disappear inexplicably ...

And so usually look socks tucked into each other. It does not look very nice. It can hardly be called a real order ...

And now we will try to apply a new method. We fold socks crosswise. Then we wrap the edges of one sock around the other. Then do the same with the first sock. Tuck the edge of the sock to its beginning.

It turned out a square square. Now nothing is lost!

And store socks will be very convenient. Among other things, in this form socks will take much less space on the shelf. If you have any questions, check out the video tutorial.