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14 creative ideas how to transform old furniture beyond recognition

Surely almost all the houses have such things that have already “lived” their own. It seems like they are not used, but it's a pity to throw it out.

However, any needlewoman has a huge amount of ideas and imagination, thanks to which you can turn any old stuff into stylish, unusual, and most importantly useful interior items.

Bright bench from the old bed

From such a coil will come a stylish shelf for books.

A table for creativity from the crib

Children's kitchen for the little hostess

And the boys will appreciate this workbench

From the old piano will come such an unusual shelf

Bulky chest can be turned into a comfortable bench.

Or a stylish wine cabinet

Creative photo frame from the old door

The old dresser will help to change the bathroom

From the sides of the crib will elegant shelf for dishes

Turn old chairs into a bench for the hallway.

A rough chest of drawers turns into a functional and elegant

Bedside table of the old stool