That's what it would be like if Wes Anderson, Tarantino and Michael Bay filmed food recipes

What if the directors of such grand films as "Kill Bill", "Hotel" Grand Budapest "," Transformers "and" Gravity ", suddenly decided to shoot video recipes?

Yes, that's what! Yutuber David Ma creates videos with video recipes in the style of the great directors of Hollywood, each of which has the squiggles inherent only in him. So, you are waiting for culinary lessons with a splash of "blood" from Quentin Tarantino, pastel and brainstorming recipes from Wes Anderson, a surplus of epic moments in cooking waffles from Michael Bay and flying pancakes in weightlessness from Alfonso Cuaron.

"Bloody" cooking spaghetti with meatballs from Quentin Tarantino in the style of "Kill Bill"

Delicate and highly artistic preparation of a worm from Wes Anderson in the style of the film "Hotel" Grand Budapest ""

An overdose of epic moments in the preparation of wafers from Michael Bay in the style of the movie "Transformers"

And finally, flying in zero gravity pancakes from the director of the film "Gravity" Alfonso Cuarona

During the filming of these clips suffered a lot of products. Well, what did you want, this is cooking!