Design and Architecture

Design plot of a country house 10 acres

The plot, whose size is 10 acres, gives enough room for creativity. Since the project of landscape design can contain not only a house with a farm building and garden, but also a recreation area. And it is good if the territory went to the owners of the cottage from scratch. Then you can do everything of their own accord and needs. And it is necessary to begin with the house.

The location of the house on a plot of 10 acres

It should not be placed too close to the road and neighboring territories. But also it is not recommended to go deep inside so that it is convenient to organize the entrance to it. The distance from the road should not be less than five meters. From the house to the fence with the neighbors it is necessary to leave at least three meters. According to the project, this strip of the summer cottage plot should be taken under the planting of fruit and berry plants.

Optimally, if there are two gates in the fence to the house. One front door, which can be used to enter guests' cars. Behind him to organize a small parking lot. The second entrance to the house on a plot of 10 acres is regular. They will constantly use the owners of the cottage. Therefore, it is necessary to make a canopy over the platform.
Between them relies mixborder. It performs two functions: decorative and protective. The latter is based on the fence area from the noise and dust of the street. Therefore, it must be tall and evergreens. At the request of summer residents, flowering shrubs can be planted here.

Rest zone.

According to the proposed design project, it is located next to the house. Since the site is small (10 acres), the project is based on smooth lines to visually enlarge the territory.

All space must be divided into two parts. Most resembles an oval. Inside it, according to the design of the 10 hectare dacha project, a large circle is assumed. It remains filled with green lawn. It is convenient to put a garden table and a few chairs.
Shrubs and trees should be planted between the circle and the oval. They must fence off the recreation area and protect it from prying eyes. For additional decoration along the entire length of the green zone, you can organize a narrow flower bed. From this site design on 10 acres will benefit. This is not the only option for planning a green zone. If the inner circle is replaced with an oval or a rectangle, then it will be possible to add something unique and unique to the plan.


It is located in the depths of the site, right behind the seating area. For symmetry, it is also recommended to make it on a zone with smooth lines that continue the oval of the green territory. In the proposed design of a plot of 10 acres with the house, the beds are fenced off from the recreation area by two rows of low growing fruit trees. This is a great option how to organize the beds in a country house.

The number and length of the beds are limited to the garden area. In the far corner of the plot on 10 acres put a long greenhouse. Its size may vary according to needs. It can even be removed and there is another corner of the garden. In this part of the suburban area it is recommended to plan a small farm building for the equipment needed in the garden.
On the diagram, the beds are quite a bit and the garden area is small. It is not always suitable for modern summer residents.

Here is a variant with a large number of beds. For greater comfort in moving the garden landscaping plot of a country house of 10 acres is presented with convenient paths between the beds. Their number, size and direction can be arbitrary. In such a situation, the economic zone should be separated from the rest of the low wooden fence. The entrance to this area can be arranged with a gate with a rectangular gate or an openwork arch.

If there is no need for a garden, the designers suggest leaving this area under the playground. And in the corner you can put a small greenhouse for a minimum amount of cucumbers and tomatoes. Or even replace it with a pergola suitable to the general style of the suburban area.

Decorative pond

Near the garden area you can install a small pond. Along the fence relies to plant low and compact ornamental trees. Then build wooden flooring on which the wicker table and chairs will be conveniently located for a relaxing holiday by the pond.

In this planning, landscaping a plot of 10 acres, the pond is presented in the form of a rectangle. For convenience of registration, the territory can be limited to such a form, but the reservoir itself can be made with arbitrary lines. So it will not be very strict and will add a section of bends along which the eye will smoothly slide and visually expand the suburban area.
The perimeter of the pond can be completely planted with low-growing plants or only from the corners external from the wooden platform. And you can use not only flowering plants, but also neat shrubs.

Landscape design: barbecue area

For her remains the territory behind the house. In the very corner to plant several fruit trees or one coniferous, for example, pine or spruce. In the second case, a controlled raspberry cupboard will comfortably be placed under it.
Completing the project of landscape design of the dacha for 10 acres is the organization of a zone with a barbecue or a barbecue stove. Install them better on concrete pads, made as close as possible to the fence. But departing from it for a sufficient distance to ensure fire safety. For additional zoning, it is recommended to plant another couple of fruit trees in the empty space. The layout of the site on this can be completed. It remains only to break a flower bed along the house from the side of the barbecue area.
It is not necessary to undertake the creation of all zones at once. It is necessary to determine those that are needed before all and work on their design. Gradually supplementing the design of the 10 hectare site with decorative elements.