Long skirts + patterns and a couple of tips

I bought one and fell in love. I think forever. They are cool on a hot day outside, which is amazing. They are slim, that is not even discussed. And they are beautiful, see for yourself.

From silk

From cotton

And again from silk to flow and fall

And a skirt, and a dress without top

Still pleated skirt is a good thing

From direct - extended, I never thought that it was so easy to model


And the belt of the skirt is large:

Cool knit stuff

And here is another fasonchik. With pockets and bottom on the sides with elastic, look carefully

And here is a great waistline and hips visible to repeat. It is sitting very well

Sometimes on the skirt you want a wide belt and that of gum. Such a coquette belt holds well and does not press, and ... yes, in general, it is comfortable. On it, in which case, you can tie a strict belt on top.

How to make a yoke belt

We wind a rubber thread on a bobbin. What is surprising - by hand

And then, the main thing is to sew even seams. Experts recommend stitching as slowly as possible to start,

And best of all through the paper, with printed lines

Independently sew a skirt to the floor easily!

Detailed video workshop: How to sew a skirt to the floor