12 unexpected uses of hygienic lipstick that you will never forget

If you carefully look at the shelves in the bathroom, you will certainly find a huge selection of small plastic tubes of different colors. Some are simple, some are very bright, some have a pleasant aroma. All of them share a destination - a lip balm or hygienic lipstick.

Each of them you once noticed in a supermarket and said to yourself: "Just today it will be useful to me." Over time, they accumulate a whole arsenal. And what to do with them? - you ask.
You have as many as 12 alternative ways to use hygienic lipstick. These ways will help free your shelf.

1. New shoes

This new pair of shoes seemed so convenient in the store. But now, when they brought the shoes home and walked for several hours, you feel a little more and a blister will appear on the heel. In order to prevent the appearance of callus and reduce discomfort, you can use lipstick. Lubricate the places where shoes rubs you and your feet will thank you!

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2. Ring on the finger

If you are unable to remove the ring from your finger, take a deep breath before grasping the pliers or the file. The best way out is to rub your finger above and below the ring with hygienic lipstick, and then carefully rotate and press down the ring. Almost always works!

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3. Nose

Imagine that you have just returned from the frost. Many are faced with the problem of "dry nose". A runny nose and constant irritation cause dry skin in the area of ​​the nostrils, they can even crack. If this happens, then it's time to use hygienic lipstick, its protective properties are not inferior to many creams. You can often use it on any part of the body: elbows, cuticles, legs, etc.

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4. Scratches

You can seal small cuts and scratches with hygienic lipstick. It will not replace the bandage, but will help keep the wound clean.

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5. Shoe care

If there was no shoe polish on hand, you can use hygienic lipstick. It will soften the skin and add shine. BUT if you used lipstick to care for your shoes, you'd better not use the same tube on your lips!

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6. Laces

Sometimes our shoelaces live their own lives and are untied at the most inopportune moment. Before it is revealed, you can stumble or lose a shoe in a deep pool. This problem can be solved!
Tie a knot, smear it with hygienic lipstick. Then tighten the knot as tightly as possible again.

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7. Hair

Dry, electrifying hair is a real nuisance. Here is a simple trick to solve this problem. Apply the hygienic lipstick on your palm, rub it and rub your palms through the hair. Be careful not to apply too much, you don't want your hair to look oily? You can also use lipstick to strengthen the eyebrows, you can apply lipstick directly with a tube.

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8. Split ends

If your hair is very dry, it is important to act quickly to prevent split ends. As in the previous paragraph, apply lipstick on your palms and massage the ends of the hair. Do not use too much lipstick.

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9. Stuck lightning

If you have problems with the zipper, just apply a little hygienic lipstick above and below the slider. Then pull the zipper up and down. This should be enough so that he again began to slide nicely.

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10. Earrings

If you have not worn earrings for a long time, then you are definitely familiar with this problem. The hole in the earlobe begins to "overgrow" and again to put on earrings can be difficult. To avoid discomfort and possible infection, apply hygienic lipstick on the earlobe.

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11. Removal of excess mascara

When you use mascara, it's hard not to overshoot and not apply it to the eyelid. To easily remove these marks, apply a little lipstick on a cotton swab and gently clean the eyelid.

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12. Foundation for eyelids

To improve the color and keep the eyeshadow better, you can apply hygienic lipstick on your eyelids as a foundation before embarking on makeup. No longer necessary, in expensive tools that are sold as the basis for the shadow!

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As you can see, these small tubes of hygienic lipstick have many uses, so it always makes sense to take this lipstick with you. It remains to choose the flavor, caramel or cherry?