Sleeveless knit knit a single canvas without seams from the top of the hood from top to bottom. Here are the options:

The threads will suit medium thickness, ideally 250-350 m in 100 grams, cotton or cotton with viscose, cotton with acrylic. Suitable also for the winter version of wool or wool. I plan to knit from Sharm, this is cotton meter 102 meters in 50 grams, hook No. 2.5

We start knitting with this scheme:

This is a hood, note that the diagram is for the first rows, not shown further, I suggest using this diagram:

It shows how the sides fit in. This scheme is not taken literally, only the beginning and end of the series, this is necessary so that the edge of the hood is even:

So it should not be:

So let's go ...
Recruit a chain of 58 in. n + 3 lifting loops and knit according to the upper scheme:

In the place where the ticker lies, the edge should be smooth, for this we look at the scheme
№2. The opposite edge from the next row will begin to curl:

With 4 rows of increase at the top of the hood do not do:

The length of my hood is 23 cm, if you have thinner strings, then the starting chain will have to get more. This tip applies to those who wish to tie a deeper hood.

This is what should happen:

Please pay attention to the fact that the part of the hood with which the knitting begins is the frontal-parietal part, and the fact that it is bent when knitting is the back of the head. If you want to make the hood bigger, then you should increase the initial chain or add a few rows of rows at the very end of the knitting hood, depending on which way you want to increase it.
I have a triangle with a base of 49 cm, lateral sides of 33 cm and a height of 23 cm.

From this place we start to knit gains. They will be three on each side: two raglannye, the third - the average - for the shoulder. If you knit according to the proposed scheme, you should get 20 shells at the base of the triangle. We continue to knit 5 shells, in the sixth we make an increase, then we knit 8 shells and in the ninth we make an increase, 5 shells until the end of the row. Increments do this scheme:

Please note that the average increase should be made to the desired value, it will be a shoulder line, you have to try it on. When knitting a tank top last time I made this increase only 8 times.

Next, knit only 2 gains until the raglan line reaches the size you need. My length is 26.5 cm. We join the shells of the shelves and backs, leaving the shells of the sleeves:

Next, knit bezrukku to the desired length