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The sense of style is the ability to combine seemingly incompatible things. Boho - This is a style that gives an excellent reason for the most courageous experiments.
"... Multi-layered skirts, sundresses, carelessly worn scarves ... breathtaking combinations of burlap and chiffon, fur and lace, flax and wool. Crochet accessories, bulk bags, flat shoes. Extremely natural materials. Bright, relaxed style for creative ... combine at first glance incompatible. A style that presumes the presence of impeccable taste and a sense of proportion, as it is dangerous to slip into excess and become like a clown or a city madman ... "(artist Ekaterina Golub). What is the mysterious style "boho"? Fashion experts decipher its name from the Gypsy" bohmiens ". So called the inhabitants of the region of Central Europe - Bohemia: Gypsies and nomads. These people were alien to generally accepted values ​​and rules. Later, the name spread to people of culture who, like Roma, sought to live carelessly having a loose attitude to money, the bohemia dressed accordingly. At different stages of style formation, these were loose multi-layered clothes, usually made of natural fabrics, long skirts with frills, shirts and tunics decorated with braid, otertye jeans.