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Miracles from one unit: Bruce Seeds textile kaleidoscopes

Author: Alevtina Levkina In my view patchwork is akin to magic: after all, this is what patience and imagination you need to have in order to create all these incredible things! But the American master Bruce Seeds on his own example proves that it’s not just the magic powers of creativity, but also the exact mathematical calculation.
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Design and Architecture

Finishing the porch of the house: a photo session of the best examples

The porch is not only an important constructive and protective detail of the facade, but also part of the decor of the whole house. This design must be reliable and fully consistent with the style of the entire mansion. How to decorate the porch at home? Such a question arises immediately after the completion of its construction. Today we want to tell you what kind of porch decoration is and how you can decorate this part of the house with your own hands.
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Triangular wavy pattern

The palette of light pastel shades from powdery color to mint and lavender emphasizes the sophistication of a wavy pattern. Dimensions Upper edge width - approx. 186 cm; height - approx. 66 cm You will need Yarn (100% cotton; 90 m / 50 g) - 100 g each of gray, pink, blue, light green and light gray; circular needles number 6; hook №4,5.
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18 of the most magnificent tables. Creative thought has no limits.

We still can not accept the limitless design solutions of simple things. Today it is tables. You think that there are not so many ways to invent a board with legs? I hasten to dispel your thoughts. Besides the fact that these tables are fully functional, they are so beautiful and amazing that you can simply enjoy their view as a work of art.
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For a holiday

Popular ideas and fashion trends for New Year's manicure

Only a few days remain before the New Year, which means that most of the housewives have already decided on the New Year's décor, the list of dishes and outfit. On such a festive day, you want to look great, not missing a single detail. Therefore, today we want to offer you great ideas on how to decorate your pens in the New Year's Eve.
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New scarf from old t-shirt in 15 minutes (without sewing)

This is probably one of the easiest jobs that I had to do with my own hands. Not only is it very easy, and it also takes about 15 minutes on the force. What could be better? Step 1: What is required An old XL size T-shirt, preferably without a logo. You can take with the logo, but maybe you will not like what you get in the end.
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